Tuesday 25 August 2015

Blockchain Technology Will Transform the Practice of Law

The blockchain will not replace the need for lawyers. It will, however, change how lawyers approach contract drafting, administration and enforcement among other aspects of the practice.
In the future, transactional lawyers may draft contracts that resemble how developers code software applications. In fact, future lawyers will likely need basic-to-intermediate training in coding in order to implement smart contracts based on the blockchain — a phenomenon that is already taking hold in the general population. In addition, lawyers will need to understand the intricacies of how these systems work in order to counsel clients on potential pitfalls and best practices in utilizing these systems for their business. Countries, like Honduras, have already committed to replacing their existing real estate records with blockchain technology — which one day could allow for its citizens to sell or buy a house via an iPhone app.

This (blockchain technology) has significant implications for lawyers and the business of law. Ultimately, however, this technology offers a great opportunity for those firms who can innovate. Those firms that are willing to adapt and embrace this technology will be able to provide more effective and efficient services, which will lead to a competitive advantage over those firms who do not evolve.

By Joe Dewey, Partner, and Shawn Amuial, Associate, Attorneys at Holland & Knight
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