Blockchain and Insurance

Chain Of A Lifetime: How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Personal Insurance

"Chain Of A Lifetime: How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Personal Insurance" is the outcome of a research project by Z/Yen Group and conducted between August and December 2014 which explored how blockchain technology might transform personal insurance and in particular interactions among individuals and insurance companies over time.
A free-to-download report was prepared by Z/Yen Group and published by Long Finance in December 2014 (press release):

Chain Of A Lifetime: 
How Blockchain Technology Might 
Transform Personal Insurance
by Michael Mainelli and Chiara von Gunten, 
Z/Yen Group, Long Finance
December 2014, 51 pages

(executive summary only)


  1. Here's where big banks stand on blockchain??

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    Users can earn mPANDO coin in various contents: completing daily quests, seasonal reward of the Tower of Heroes, a PVE content, an Arena to compete for rankings, or achievement quests. The Personal History System, which is unique to L.o.P, gives a special buff when a user deploys heroes to a scenario and the heroes has a connection between them, and after the user clears the activated personal history dungeon with them, the user can also earn mPANDO coins in certain stages.

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    Wilson Fair Launch
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    - It announced the expansion of its business to Metaverse as well as its role as an AOS, RPG, and FPS game payment platform Apple is a technology that links various systems such as pre
    - purchase payment and cryptocurrency in the Apple Pay payment structure using Apple commerce, a traditional payment method that has been used so far. While considering intro duction, Apple Community has developed NFT tokens linked to payment module platforms such as AOS, RPG, and FPS.
    - Developed by Apple Community, NFT Tokens are partnered with digital payment companies As a result of partner review, it will be operated by Madison Group, which has operational experts.
    Game publishers produce and distribute the best games, and many users around the world are Apple's While downloading and using the App Store, according to mobile data and analysis platform App Annie, It has announced that the global mobile game market will be close to $100 billion, and the game sector accounts for about 65% of total app sales based on IOS.
    airlines from 60 countries around the world Opening of NFT Payment Module
    - Apple community members have formed an initial business model that can faithfully fulfill their role as. Furthermore, a travel agency in the U.S. And with airlines from 60 countries around the world The nft payment module is also about to be released.
    Global partners include Apple Pay, Cardano, Binance, OKEX, Block Media, and Coinbase

    The world’s first cross-chain, multi-level interactive cryptocurrency raffle-based platform built for the community, offering a user-adjustable winning chance, NFT-integrated winning chance boosters, and a rewarding, automated affiliate program, all within a new, smart-contract secured, fully transparent process that guarantees financial fairness, privacy, and instant, tax-free, full prize-pools distribution.

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    The Argead coin's decentralised encryption technology ensures a safe and secure wallet, using the same features as its counterpart, Bitcoin. This protects it against fraud, chargebacks, seize funds, viruses and Trojans.

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  55. Buff Doge Coin: The king of memes hodl & rewards, double burn
    Buff Doge Coin [$DOGECOIN] is the Buff version of $DOGE. Buff Doge Coin [$DOGECOIN] is extremely hyper deflationary where each burn will double in its quantity to the previous burn.
    Metaverse Project coming soon
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  58. MinerDoge: The next generation of meme Token
    Based on the Binance Smart Chain network - MinerDoge is a token with memes, crypto and much mini games!

    P2E Mini Games based around Doge Mining Crypto
    Interactive DApp
    First Mini Game beta will be Accessible on the website in the next couple of days
    NFT Marketplace (for earnable NFTs)
    Huge Marketing Plans and partnerships before launch

    The community is the most important element of a project. so a happy community means a happy Project. Here are some event ideas about the MinerDoge community that will take place before and after launch.

    Live quizzes where everyone can participate actively.
    Lucky number contests.
    Og Members Airdrops will be awarded for the users who actively supports the Project in the long run.
    In game tournaments where the best players will be able to showcase their skills and win prizes.
    Live AMAs with random quizzes.

    Prizes in such games would be either an Airdrop of our MinerDoge Token, USDT rewards or whitelists for our upcoming presale.

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  59. PABNFT: A game-style NFT that allows you to draw, buy and sell Pixel Art directly is released on the market

    A new NFT solution has emerged that essentially solves the limitations of the existing NFT, which has often been criticized as ‘trading receipts of artwork only.’

    It is an Ethereum-based .

    is a new form of NFT marketplace where you can draw Pixel Art directly and trade the land (tile) on which you can draw pictures directly in NFT format.

    In ,
    (1) You can draw Pixel Art directly with an exclusive editor beyond the limits of the existing NFT.
    (2) You can sell tiles in NFT format at the price you want. If you draw or buy a high-value Pixel Art, you can sell it at a higher price in the future.
    (3) It provides the game-style interface with a form of an online map.
    (4) Tiles that can be drawn are like real estate prices, and the closer they are to the center, the higher the price is.
    (5) Instead of indirectly recording your work on NFT, you can upload the original Pixel Art file to the blockchain (in NFT code) and store it.
    (6) If you own tiles, you can get donations and comments from other users with Ethereum and aim for additional revenue.
    (7) Tiles are ERC-721 standard NFT and can be traded on other NFT exchanges such as OpenSea.

    Now that the service has just opened, only a tiny amount of tiles (NFT tokens) are being minted and sold.
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  60. SWISS PAY: A Decentralized, Deflationary & SWISSPAY Token for Web 3.0 that merges the worlds of crypto and art. Our vision is introduce to Swiss payment system in 150+ countries all around the world. Which will be use for digital payments in crypto on 70000+ merchandise all in world

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  62. Cryptolympics: A home for 10 different community driven BEP-20-tokens. Those 10 different tokens on the Binance Smart Chain are fully owned by the community.
    The concept of Cryptolympics is based on the famous olympic games. Imagine torches, nations and of course, ultimate winners.

    10 different tokens named after the top 10 crypto countries with the most crypto holders. Those tokens are listed on a ranking list (look to your left), sorted by the current price.

    The reward for the winners?
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    Everscale is a blockchain based on the open-source Telegram Open Network (TON), a platform that was derailed by a lawsuit between Telegram and the U.S. Securities and #Exchange Commission (SEC) in May 2020.

    FREE TON was rebranded as Everscale in late 2021 to signify its gold of ‘limitless scalability.’ As its name suggests, Everscale is a massive decentralized supercomputer with speed, security, and scalability that can handle millions of transactions per second.
    In fact, Everscale is far more than that. You might call it a ‘super server,’ designed to host a variety of services.

    The Ultimate Goal of EVERSCALE

    The ultimate goal of Everscale is to integrate a myriad of blockchains into one universal network.

    There are a variety of blockchains in the world. New blockchains are emerging even as we speak. With the passage of time, blockchains will make their way into every nook and cranny of our life with even more different types of cryptocurrencies performing various roles and functions.
    What this means is that we will have a large pool of coins to choose from, as opposed to a single type of coin with no other alternatives

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  67. Korean DeFi platform 'Mesher' launches a time capsule in June

    Mesher, a Korean DeFi production studio, is releasing a staking protocol time capsule on June 30. The time capsule is the staking protocol of ENTER, the governance token of Mesher. ENTER is the new symbol of the existing oDON.

    Mesher, a subsidiary of Chain Partners, is composed of members who launched and operated “Donkey”, a coin deposit and loan service. At one point, Donkey's accumulated deposits exceeded the 1.8 trillion won mark within six months of its launch. Despite large amounts of deposits, there have been no hacking or security incidents up to this day since it has been rebranded as “Mesher Center.”

    The time capsule is the key to the strategy of boosting the value of the ENTER token. In particular, Mesher put in place several devices inside the capsule to prevent liquidity leakage. One of them is to pay a certain portion of Mesher's B2B revenues to the stakers of the time capsule. Recently, Mesher's B2B DeFi solution signed a contract with MARBLEX(MBX), a blockchain ecosystem of Netmarble.

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  71. #NuID is launching the identity utility token #Kii on September 19th-23rd in partnership with The Kii Foundation. Kii will be the transactional token at the root of NuID’s decentralized identity ecosystem that enables user-owned & user-controlled digital identity.

    Kii Details:
    -The IEO is being held on LAtoken from September 19-23rd at $0.30 USD
    -Kii owners can participate in the decentralized Nu Identity Ecosystem
    -Kii will be initially issued as an ERC20 token before migrating to the KiiChain ledger in the future
    -Kii will pay the cost of credential registration on a public blockchain, pay for use of NulD’s existing trustless authentication solution, and pay for future identity use-cases within the ecosystem.
    -Token distribution will take place later this year

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  72. Un1ty to Launch a Gaming Exchange GGToro in June

    Un1ty’s spokesperson shared that Un1ty is planning to launch a Gaming Specific Exchange GGtoro. GGtoro will have functionalities such as Copy Trading , Group Trading, Web3 Domain Names as addresses and a Technology to Import web2 assets to web3.

    GGtoro will help users to monetize their gaming assets and get access to their gaming assets from one place as well as copy & collaborate with the top gaming investors and creators.

    In GGtoro, Crypto enthusiasts will be able to trade game related crypto, gamecredits, gaming stocks and etc all from one place.

    Building connections in GGtoro leads to early access to initial sales & gives you an unfair advantage in the order of participation in the sales.

    GGtoro is currently reviewing which companies meet their criteria to become part of the exchange, according to the spokesperson.

    There is currently not any gaming focused exchange in the crypto market.
    GGtoro is looking to fill the gap.

    The team behind GGtoro has +8 years of experience in crypto.
    GGtoro will hold a Pre-sale of the tokens at the end of this month.

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    ๐Ÿ’ก iNAE Coin: The Future Unveiled

    iNAE stands for "Time of Wolves and Dogs," symbolizing the convergence of the real world and the digital realm through blockchain technology and fintech. Our coin, built on the NiktoNet mainnet, boasts lightning-fast transactions and cost-effective trading fees. We're reshaping fintech innovation.

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