Monday 24 April 2017

Cardano: A Blockchain with privacy and regulation

Blockchain is a potentially transformative technology. However current solutions are hampered by issues such as lack of regulatory oversight, experimental software with unproven security, poor governance that stifles scalability, and a lack of long-term planning for protocols. With the imminent launch of the Cardano protocol and the completion of the first ever crowdsale to perform detailed compliance checks on its 10,000 individuals, Cardano aims to change this.

What is Cardano?
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Blockchain and the future of audit

Some say it will be as big as the internet, so what exactly is Blockchain? 
We’ve been told that Blockchain is set to transform financial transactions and thus the world of corporate reporting. It’s predicted to be as big as the internet, but what exactly is it and how could it affect all of us?
Blockchain is a type of database known as a distributed ledger that operates on a consensus basis. Whenever a user submits a new data block to the blockchain, the majority of other users must confirm that it is valid. The database does not have a central administrator.
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Blockchain and the future of audit

Blockchain video